NH WRRC Research Projects


Current Research

  • Lamprey River Hydrologic Observatory (LRHO): a name given to the Lamprey River basin which serves as a platform to study the hydrology and biogeochemistry of a suburban basin. The LRHO is a focal point for teaching, research and outreach in the Department of Natural Resources, Earth Sciences and Civil Engineering at UNH.
  • College Brook: the WRRC has funded a long term water quality monitoring program to ascertain the ecological health of the College Brook watershed and the UNH campus.
  • Water Quality Change - Effects of Development on Nutrient Loading in Selected Watersheds: this part of an ongoing research collaboration with the Lakes Lay Monitoring Program. This effort will provide the foundation to further assess the impacts of land use and the effectiveness of watershed management strategies using long-term data sets in future years.
  • Suncook River Project: a study into the effects of sedimentation and dewatering on stream ecology and biogeochemistry, and to examine the process by which a new stream becomes established.
  • Moore Fields Project: research is on the agriculture effects of Moore Fields on the water quality of the Oyster River. Any change in the structure of the land could have a drastic effect on the Oyster River, which is the drinking water supply for UNH and the town of Durham.


Past Research

Full text reports (in pdf format) of past research are available at the Publications page. The abstracts listed represent projects funded through the NH WRRC since 1990.